Is TMS More Painful than Chronic Depression?

We all know the nuisance of suffering from depression. It is frustrating as well as painful. After all, the impact of this mental condition is not just limited to the sufferer but their family and friends also feel the same pain of suffering.   That is why; anyone who suffers from frustrating and painful depression …

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Is TMS Better Than Anti-Depressants?

Just like any other medication, the psychiatric medication is also capable of producing both beneficial and frustrating results, depending on the patient’s condition.   The STAR*D study is a multi-center large study of depression treatment and the above-stated statement is consistent with it. The STAR*D is a definitive study that was sponsored by the National …

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Schizophrenia – A Serious Mental Illness

    The latest US stats indicate that the prevalence of schizophrenia in the country is 0.3%. The number appears to be insignificant. However, many medical experts are of the view that the report has seemingly missed the unreported cases of schizophrenia. To this day, patients who have the signs of the disorder tend to …

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Understanding Brief Psychotic Disorders

    As the name suggests, brief psychotic disorder is a psychiatric condition that appears all of sudden, yet lasts for a short-term. It can be for a period of 30 days or less, sometimes for even a day. While these temporary symptoms don’t indicate the existence of a chronic mental health condition, they may …

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Paraphrenia: What You Need to Know

    Paraphrenia is a psychotic disorder which is similar to schizophrenia but not as severe as the latter in terms of personality deterioration. The onset of the disorder is during the last stages of life, so it is generally found among the elderly.     In the late 1890s, medical expert Emil Kraepelin used …

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Munchausen’s Syndrome

   Munchausen’s Syndrome, also known as factitious disorder imposed on self, is a mental illness. A person diagnosed with Munchausen’s Syndrome repeatedly acts as if they have a physical, emotional, or cognitive disorder when the opposite is true. The person with Munchausen’s Syndrome is the one causing the symptoms.   Why and How Do They …

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ADHD – What You Need to Know

    Have you ever complained about having a short attention span? Do you find yourself cutting talks or interrupting others? Have you ever found yourself pacing back and forth in a room with no reason at all? These signs and other similar to them are of a psychotic disorder called ADHD.     Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity …

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It’s a False Life – How Delusional Disorder Affects People

      Do you know anyone who is living in the constant fear that someone will harm him or her? Have you ever heard to someone talk for hours about things that don’t exist? There is a high possibility that a person who is exhibiting these signs is suffering from a rare medical condition …

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What is Dissociative Stupor?

      Dissociative stupor is the rarest form of stupor, as there are many forms of it. The symptoms of dissociative stupor are difficult and complicated to resolve. A person experiencing dissociative stupor disorder cannot feel external pain and cannot move, but they are not unconscious or sleeping. Experiencing dissociative stupor can be an …

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What is Dissociative Fugue?

      Dissociative fugue, a psychological state, occurs when a person cannot remember who they are or other crucial information about their identity and travels to another place out of the blue. A person who experiences a dissociative fugue may unexpectedly find themselves in a location such as at work or the park with …

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