Ketamine Therapy and Different Administration Routes

No one can neglect the significance of Ketamine treatment in the management of chronic depression.

No one can neglect the significance of Ketamine treatment in the management of chronic depression. It is effective and now one of the most proven procedures for patients suffering from despair. The effectiveness of the treatment has also been proven by many research studies.
Many studies have concluded the great tendency of intravenous Ketamine in treating and improving depression symptoms in around 70% of affected patients.
In terms of administration, Ketamine IV infusions are now known as the ‘gold standard’. However, there are various other administration routes as well, including intranasal, sublingual and intramuscular.
So which of the administration route is the most effective of all?
Let’s discuss each one of them in detail.

Sublingual Ketamine

The method may seem promising and effective at first, but it has shown some problems.
When the sublingual administration route is used, it becomes very difficult to control or manage the delivery rate of Ketamine to the brain.
Not to mention, only 30% of the Ketamine actually get delivers to the brain while the absorption rate into the bloodstream of the patient is also very slow.

Intranasal Administration

Intranasal is considered the second most effective and reliable administration route. The first is, of course, IV infusion. However, some latest research studies highlighted a few problems associated with this method. Some of the red flags of this method include a range of application techniques, unpredictability due to the mucous level of the patient, uncertain tolerability issue, and others.

Intramuscular Administration

The administration rate in this method is not as precise as required for safety and comfort purposes. During this treatment method, Ketamine instantly absorbs in the bloodstream and this may give rise to some unpleasant and intense side effects. As a result, patients start to feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed.
While IV infusion is considered the best procedure, the effectiveness of the treatment also depends on your professional. To get the best Ketamine treatment experience contact PAKC right away!

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