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Psychiatry Associates of Kansas City (PAKC) is now offering Spravato (esketamine) as a form of treatment for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD).  Spravato (esketamine) is a nasal spray that is given in our office under the supervision of a psychiatrist and other qualified medical staff.   It is FDA approved and covered by most insurance companies.

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Spravato® (esketamine) is a medication that is FDA approved to treat symptoms of Major depressive disorder as well as treatment resistant depression and is delivered via nasal spray. Spravato® (esketamine) works via NMDA receptor antagonism to relieve symptoms of depression. Spravato® (esketamine) is currently indicated for use in conjunction with an oral antidepressant medication.

Spravato® (esketamine) is an intranasal treatment that will require a minimum of a two-hour observation visit (longer if symptoms require further observation before a safe discharge can be achieved).  The physician will assist in administration of the Spravato® (esketamine) nasal spray.

The treating psychiatrist will determine the appropriate dosage of Spravato® (esketamine) and the dosage may vary over the course of the treatments with Spravato® (esketamine).  An appropriately trained staff member will monitor the patient and will be taking blood pressures during the monitoring process at a minimum of every forty minutes or sooner if necessary.

A course of Spravato® (esketamine) will begin as twice weekly treatments for the first four weeks of treatment. Treatment will then continue once a week for the next four weeks. Treatment frequency following the initial eight weeks of treatment will be determined by patient’s treating psychiatrist and will be based on the patient’s response to treatment.

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