Is TMS Better Than Anti-Depressants?

Is TMS Better Than Anti-Depressants

Is TMS Better Than Anti-Depressants?

Just like any other medication, the psychiatric medication is also capable of producing both beneficial and frustrating results, depending on the patient’s condition.

The STAR*D study is a multi-center large study of depression treatment and the above-stated statement is consistent with it. The STAR*D is a definitive study that was sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health. The study was conducted on thousands of depression patients and only one patient in three experienced remissions after taking antidepressant drugs.

To your surprise, every subsequent attempt, the response rate decreased remarkably while increasing the side effects probability.  And if we study the graphical representation of the STAR*D study, the odds of remission in the 4th attempt were less than 7%.

So what is the best option than taking psychiatric medication?

Well, the answer is simple i.e. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS. This FDA approved, non-invasive procedure shows excellent as well as progressive results in individuals, suffering from depression and anxiety for years. More than 80% of patients who have taken TMS therapy showed great improvement in achieving remissions including the elimination of symptoms.

Some of the great advantages of TMS therapy include;

  • Effectiveness: Almost 80% of individuals show a significant response
  • Non-systematic: TMS therapy produces effects precisely on the particular region of the brain and without affecting any other parts of the body
  • Non-invasive: The therapy can be conducted without any sedation, medication or even anesthesia. The patient remains awake and alert throughout the treatment session.
  • Minimal Side Effects: The side effects of TMS therapy are temporary and minimal. In fact, there are no reported side effects just like other medications like weight gain, tiredness, sexual dysfunction etc.


In short, TMS takes charge when psychiatric medication fails to make a difference. To receive the best results in just one session, make sure that the therapy is conducted only by the well-qualified and experienced professionals.

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